Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following questions were asked again and again by the previous customers. We list them here for your quick understanding of these Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ).

Who is ? How does this website work? is the biggest on-line network to serve the gentlemen and ladies in Shenzhen Area and Around the world. This website is a bridge between you, the customer, and the girl who can provide the escort  services for you.

Who operates this website?
This website is operated by  China Oriental Escort Network. The network is distributed across big and middle sized cities across China and around the world.

Who are those escort girls?
Most escorts are full time escorts. Some escorts come from office employees, models, nurses,  college students, independent escorts, etc. Most escorts are well-educated, working on a part-time basis. They are young, attractive, elegant, outgoing and healthy. They speak good English or other major international languages. They have a wealth of knowledge about local culture, customs and lifestyle. They provide services that meet your personal demand.

Do I have to pay and become VIP member  before I meet escorts?  Why?
Yes, you have to become an activated VIP member before meeting escorts .  provides a platform between  you (consumers)  and escorts.  After the escorts has uploaded  their photos and information independently,   we usually  call and meet the escorts face to face to make sure they have the real  ability to  escort  you during the service time. The escorts provide services that meet your personal demand, and we do not take any charge from these escorts.  We have to pay a lot of  fees such as ISP Server fee, Webpage designer fee, network maintenance fee to make this network run smoothly.

If I pay by credit card,  is it secure?  What will show up in my credit card bill?
Yes, your credit card is 100% secure.  does not process your credit card. Your credit card is processed and charged by the professional credit card processing company: (  or They have their own system  to charge and secure your credit card. does not store any information of your credit card.  Your card is 100% secure.  Your bill will show:  or,   NOT to protect your privacy. Please click the following to activate your VIP membership immediately: 

Can I pay my VIP  membership fee to the escorts directly?
No, you can not pay your VIP membership fee to the escorts. You can pay your VIP membership fee online securely , via Western Union, or by  Bank. 

What will the escort do for me?
Whatever your heart desires. Escorts are hired by you, the customer, to provide a service. Whatever you want from the girl, you will receive. If you have any "out of the norm" requests, you need to clear it with the girl before hand. This will make everyone feel more comfortable at the time of the encounter.

Will the escort come to my place?
Yes. Most young escorts live in college dorms on campus, hence they only make outcalls (they will come to your home or hotel), yet others will allow you to visit them at their apartments for your love session.

How long will she stay?
Escorts are available for hiring for one hour, two hours, one night, or an entire weekend, etc. This is something you will discuss with the girl of your choice in advance, or after your first encounter.

How much will she cost?
Hiring an independent escort is less expensive than calling an escort service agency because these escorts do not work for an agency, so they are able to keep prices low. All the girls provide full services , and their prices vary from location to location. Usually 40 US$ to 120US$ per hour.

Can I get a special rate if I become a repeated customer?
Most girls tell us they get to see the same gentlemen again after their first encounter, and they do provide special rates for these special customers. This also proves how our customers are quite satisfied with their small investment.

Can I maintain contact with the girl after the first encounter?
That is completely up to the escort girl. These girls are independent escorts, meaning that no one is telling them what to do or who to see. A lot of girls do become friends with their customers after a while. After the first encounter you can determine whether you want to maintain a "professional" relationship with this girl, or maybe, if she likes you also, you can start a personal friendship. Anything goes.

What can  I do if  I can not find the ideal escorts in the city I  live in after I have searched your web site ?
 You can call the escorts located in other cities  to let her fly or take the train to your city, but you have to talk with the escorts about the transportation fee . The escorts usually ask you to pay this fee. 
If you live outside China and also need the real Chinese escort services, you can ask her ( or them ) to go to your country. You have to talk in details with the escorts about her(their) trip to your country.

Why should I use the services of this website?
Because you deserve it. You probably work long hours just to go home to the same old routine. Pamper yourself tonight. Spending the night with a beautiful escort girl is not something most men get to do on a daily basis. This is also much safer than driving down to your local bad neighborhood and picking up a prostitute from the wrong side of the tracks. Picking up a hooker is illegal. Choosing a girl you could easily fall in love with and having her come to your place is not illegal by any means.

Will I get to choose my girl?
Yes. You will have direct contact with the girl of your choice through e-mail and/or phone prior to your encounter and you will see her photo on our website or hers. The girls will usually e-mail you more photos of themselves upon request if you are an Activated VIP Member.

Are these escorts available for travel?
With proper notice, yes. This is another issue you will have to address with the girl of your choice, and as you might expect, you will be liable for her travel expenses.

How soon after entering this website can I have a beautiful girl by my side?

When you find the girl of your choice, give her a call or send her an e-mail, but if you want to see her tonight, it's probably best to call.  If you send her an e-mail she may not get to it right away. Depending on her schedule tonight, she might be at your place within the hour, or it might take a few hours. You can also book appointments in advance, which is highly recommended.